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“Forrest Gump.”  “Dances With Wolves.”  “The Hurt Locker.”  Bet you know the stars, at least, and probably the director.  But name the screenwriters, any of them.  Quick.  No cheating on your smartphone.

If you named even one of those screenwriters, you’re probably either a writer or a geek.  (As though the two were mutually exclusive.)  And you’re in the right place.  Why should actors get all the glory and directors all the credit?  Here you can browse through everything DickFlicks has to offer, indexed neatly by writer.  We’re not even discriminating by preferred medium.  If your name’s in the credits, then it’s on this page.

And if you happen to be one of the writers listed on this page, great to see you!  Say hello to your fans!  Just don’t kill us if you don’t like our review.

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