Dick Flick Pick

  • Stars: Adrien Brody
  • Director: Michael Greenspan
  • Writer: Christopher Dodd

Occasionally, you encounter a movie that does not fit neatly into a specific genre because it does not follow a traditional Hollywood formula.  “Wrecked” is one of those movies.

It opens with a man in a car that, appropriately, has been wrecked.  It quickly becomes apparent that the man (a nameless man, played by Adrien Brody) has been injured and is having some serious mobility issues.  As the movie crawls forward, we discover that the crash has both trapped him at the bottom of a ravine and severely disrupted his consciousness.  Not only is the man fighting to survive in a vast and vicious nowhere;  he’s fighting to remember his very identity.

Although a handful of other characters briefly grace the screen, “Wrecked” is effectively a one-man show. In fact, Brody spends the first third of the movie alone in the car (thus peremptorily excluding the film from the action category).  As such, this is not a movie driven by dialogue, character development, special effects, music, or scenery.  So what on earth makes this show interesting enough to watch?

The answer is the psychological aspect (and please forgive the forthcoming vagueness – even trivial details give away too much in this film).  As the man battles against the elements, he is also piecing together fragments of memories with bits of evidence.  His struggle led me to a certain conclusion about him, and that conclusion altered the way I felt about his fight for survival.  But as his journey continued, my perception of him and my feelings concerning his plight were again altered, forcing me to reflect on my previous judgments as well as on the judgments we make about others when we know only bits and pieces.

Having said that, when “Wrecked” finally wound to its end, my prevailing sentiment was… “Oh.”  I didn’t feel triumphant; I didn’t feel cheated.  The film just ended quietly.  It was a bit of a let down, although I’m not quite sure what other kind of exit writer Christopher Dodd could have concocted for such a movie.

Adrien Brody’s performance as a desperate, suffering man is top-notch, but the movie’s sluggish pace and ho-hum ending keep it from reaching its potential.  I’m glad I saw it, but “Wrecked” doesn’t make my repeat viewing list.

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