Not-A-Dick Flicks

That’s right, flicks without a….  Okay, not completely without.  A Not-A-Dick Flick is the opposite of a dick flick as defined in the green sidebar by all authorities on the subject, meaning us here at DickFlicks:

  1. There must be a female star, and
  2. She MUST play a leading character, not a supporting role.

~~Most movies have two leads, but occasionally they have more.  One out of four is all we’re looking for.  Type of female character, whether or not she’s a love interest — doesn’t matter here.

Two other caveats:

Yes, we are aware of our blatant double standard in capitalizing Not-A-Dick Flick.  And by the way, if you have a suggestion for a better name for this particular class of movie, please let us know!  We know it’s not nearly as catchy as dick flick, but the only other name we came up with would get us an X rating.

Check out our non-exhaustive, still-growing Honor Roll of movies (listed alphabetically) starring at least one girl.  Woman.  Female character of some sort.


The Not-A-Dick Flick stamp does NOT guarantee quality.  In other words, it may suck.  It may suck bad.  Click on a title for any available DF reviews.

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