Dick Flicks

We’re not talking explosions, car chases, bomber jets, and anime strippers, though those elements do seem to pop up a lot in dick flicks.  We’re looking at the flat-out number of girls on screen.  Scan through the lovely green box on the right, and then scroll back through your mental history of the last ten movies you saw.  Regardless of genre, testosterone, or body count, how many of them are dick flicks?  We’re betting…. six, maybe seven.

It’s a superficial measurement.  We readily agree.  And there are plenty of pages on this site touting why this matters anyway.

This is not that page.

For whatever reason, dick flicks are the bread and butter of Hollywood, and gender equality usually has zip to do with whether we watch a flick a hundred times or not.  We won’t list every dick flick ever made; we can’t afford the bandwidth.  But we highlight the ones that are notable for one reason or another, and we’re adding to them every day.  If you’ve got a dick flick you loved or hated, something you’d like to nominate for a list, or a bone to pick about one of our reviews, shoot us an email and we’ll take a look.

None of the movies listed here pass the Not-A-Dick Flicks test, but some of them are the best movies you’ll ever see.  As for the others…. Eh.  See for yourself.

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